Mind-controlled dress just might be the sexiest robot fashion ever

The mind-controlled dress, created by designer Nange Magro, is utterly captivating. It lights up and changes shape according to the level of concentration in your brain — and in particular, its skirt pulls back, like a spooky insect's wings, to reveal a shiny latex undergarment. Which might make it difficult for… »3/14/12 1:50pm3/14/12 1:50pm

We're closer to becoming real cyborgs than most people realize

In the New York Times the other day, there was a great story by Pagan Kennedy about experiments with brain-computer interfaces, which included the stuff you usually hear about, like people moving cursors with their minds. But it also included some new stuff, like Kennedy herself choosing a picture on her phone using… »9/19/11 8:30pm9/19/11 8:30pm