The Week's Smallville Joins The Lonely Hearts Club Band

There's no way to get around it: this week's Smallville »10/10/08 3:00pm10/10/08 3:00pm was a return to the campy old days when they'd just steal the plot of a movie, make it a little more family friendly, insert a DC Comics character and then hope that no-one would notice. This time around, Maxima came to Earth searching for her perfect man, but…

The Net Generation Loves Entrepreneurialism, MySpace, and Columbine

Were you born between 1974-83? Do you have implanted pop cultural memories of The O.C., Jackass, Britney Spears, online social networks, and high school shooters? Joshua Glenn, who spins the brilliant Brainiac blog at the Boston Globe, has just written an intriguing essay that explores the Net Generation as a glorious… »3/19/08 11:40am3/19/08 11:40am

Find Out What's Next On Lost, Smallville, Jericho and Doctor Who

Smallville will try to imitate Lost — which will be doing something completely different. Meanwhile, Doctor Who is visiting more alien planets and showcasing radically different alien monsters in its fourth season. Learn more in our television-heavy round of spoilers this morning, which also include clips from next… »3/07/08 9:00am3/07/08 9:00am

Smallville Sneak Preview: Brainiac Kills Rats, Leaves Hickeys

Smallville returns with its first new episode since December tonight, and will feature the triumphant return of James "Captain John" Marsters as Brainiac. Marc McClure, who played Jimmy Olsen in Superman: The Movie, appears as Dax-Ur, a Kryptonian who was responsible for the creation of Brainiac in the first place.… »1/31/08 12:00pm1/31/08 12:00pm

Guide to Recent U.S. Generations, Including Elusive Anti-Anti-Utopians

Joshua Glenn, the brains behind Boston Globe blog Brainiac, has written a fascinating essay on U.S. generations — you know, like the Boomers and Generation X, two groups who considered themselves the most futuristic and modern types around. But Glenn argues that there are a lot of hidden generations that haven't… »1/03/08 3:00pm1/03/08 3:00pm