Brandon Routh's Atom Outfit On Arrow Looks Almost Upsettingly Great

Guys. GUYS. I don't know how this is possible, but Arrow has revealed the high-tech A.T.O.M. armor that Brandon Routh will be wearing as Ray Palmer in future episodes, and... well, I don't know how to say this, but... it's kind of completely awesome. » 2/03/15 1:34pm 2/03/15 1:34pm

Brandon Routh Rejoins The DC Universe As The Atom In Arrow

A new DC superhero joins the Arrow-verse, but he's going to be played by a familiar face. Superman Returns' Brandon Routh will don the labcoat of scientist Ray Palmer, better known as the superhero called The Atom, for the show's upcoming third season. » 7/07/14 10:56am 7/07/14 10:56am

12 Great Science Fiction Actors Who Don't Get Enough Props

Science fiction is an actor's dream. The genre has created some breakout stars, like Harrison Ford, but it's also turned scores of working actors into beloved fan-favorites, who work the convention circuit. But here are 12 great science fiction actors who swing for the fences, and just don't get the appreciation they… » 5/17/13 10:31am 5/17/13 10:31am

Cost of Living, a 10-minute movie about bored security guards at a…

A few weeks back, we took a look at production video from director BenDavid Grabinski's short scifi movie Cost of Living, which stars Bret Harrison (Reaper) and Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) as two night-shift security guards with terrible existential malaise. » 2/14/12 6:15am 2/14/12 6:15am

Your first look at the "monsters versus security guards" flick Cost of…

The buzzy short film Cost of Living, which is about Brandon Routh and Bret Harrison as late-night security guard watching over a monster-making factory, got quite the attention at this year's Fantastic Fest. Here's new behind-the-scenes footage from writer and director BenDavid Grabinski. » 1/18/12 9:40am 1/18/12 9:40am

Dylan Dog: Why does this movie not star Nic Cage?

Watch out, Nicolas Cage! Brandon Routh is muscling in on your territory with Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, in theaters today. Yes, the man who stole the role of Kal-El from you is targeting your "horrible Z-movie" crown. » 4/29/11 3:11pm 4/29/11 3:11pm

New Dylan Dog trailer is saved by lovable zombie Sam Huntington

The Dylan Dog movie, otherwise known as Dead Of Night, has been hounded by negative press for years. But this latest trailer makes the supernatural thriller look kind of cute, mostly thanks to Being Human's Sam Huntington. Watch it now. » 3/04/11 12:00pm 3/04/11 12:00pm

What from the Scott Pilgrim universe would you like to see in the real…

With Scott Pilgrim, Bryan Lee O'Malley created a world ruled by video game logic and filled with flaming-swords, superpowered vegans, and evil ex-boyfriends. We asked the movie's cast which parts of the Scott Pilgrim universe they wish were real. Spoilers. » 8/11/10 1:18pm 8/11/10 1:18pm

First footage from Brandon Routh's Dylan Dog film

The first ever footage from the Dylan Dog live action movie adaptation has finally hit our screens. And it's making some nasty jokes at the expense of the undead. » 8/04/10 7:00am 8/04/10 7:00am

The Zombie Gap Is Where The Latest Undead Fashions Are In Dylan Dog's…

Sounds like the live-action movie adaptation of the Dylan Dog comic book, called Dead Of Night, will have a supernatural world that's as realistic as possible - including providing the zombie citizens with their own flesh Gap. » 8/05/09 4:00pm 8/05/09 4:00pm

First Look At Brandon Routh As Dylan Dog And His Undead Pals

The movie adaptation of Tiziano Sclavi's Dylan Dog, titled Dead Of Night, is underway. We rounded up some recently released set pics to see if star Brandon Routh can fill out the red shirt properly. » 5/07/09 1:54pm 5/07/09 1:54pm

Dead Of Night Movie Keeps The Suit And The Wheels

Looks like Brandon Routh isn't going to be shedding the color red just yet.Tthe producers of Dead Of Night filled us in on some details on their adaptation of Tiziano Sclavi's graphic novel. » 2/20/09 7:30am 2/20/09 7:30am

Will Celluloid Continue To Be The Man Of Steel's Other Kryptonite?

It was the moment where a million fanboys cheered - I know, that I was one of them - but does Superman The Movie » 10/18/08 10:00am 10/18/08 10:00am director Richard Donner publicly stating that the Superman movie franchise should be handed over to writer (and former assistant to Donner) Geoff Johns actually mean that anything will change for the…

Kevin Spacey's Lex Luthor to Tango With Superman again?

Two months ago, Warner Bros. honcho Jeff Rabinov announced » 10/03/08 2:00pm 10/03/08 2:00pm his studio’s intentions to release eight franchise-stoking DC comics films by 2011 — among them, a movie "reintroducing" Superman. Since then, all’s been relatively on the Kryptonian front…until now. U.K.’s has , amid an interview with Kevin Spacey, that…