Epic: This is what a good children's film looks like

Movies for kids generally exist in a zone of lowered expectations. Recycled sitcom jokes and microwaved pop culture references dot a paint-by-numbers story about rehashed characters. So it's refreshing to see a film like Epic, which actually packs a real story, along with some gorgeous imagery. Minor spoilers ahead... » 5/24/13 9:07am 5/24/13 9:07am

Ugh, Disney Gave Brave's Merida A Pretty Pretty Princess Makeover

Merida, the boundary-breaking heroine of Pixar's Brave, officially gains the title of Disney's eleventh Princess today — one which, ironically, she would not give a crap about. But she appears to have stopped into a Sephora, a Weight Watchers, and a BCBG on the way to her coronation. And they took away her bow and… » 5/11/13 1:50pm 5/11/13 1:50pm

DC and Marvel characters get a Pixar-style makeover

Phil Postma has been playing with different pop culture properties with Pixar aesthetics, mashing up Pixar characters and features with DC and Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Star Trek. Take a gander at some of the Pixar mashups he's devised for some of comics' mightiest heroes and most nefarious villains. » 2/10/13 11:30am 2/10/13 11:30am

You never realized the full insanity of Pixar's attention to detail

Check out an exclusive clip from the special features on the DVD and Blu-ray for Pixar's "Scottish Princess" movie Brave, which comes out next week. You already knew that Pixar went to insane lengths to make Merida's curly hair look natural — but did you know that they modeled every single thread in that… » 11/05/12 7:00am 11/05/12 7:00am

Biggest Box Office Hits and Misses of Summer 2012

This was another brutal summer, where movie titans did battle. And now that it's over, some films stand tall and victorious, while others lay dead in the killing fields. Back at the start of the summer, we asked you which movies would be a sleeper hit, and which movies would be a surprise flop. Now it's time to find… » 8/13/12 12:13pm 8/13/12 12:13pm

Brave shows how to create a brand new fairy tale from scratch

Pop culture is obsessed with fairy tales right now. But it's all retreads of the same few stories from the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen — and not even the original, dark-as-hell stories, but rather the warmed-over Disneyfied versions. Where are the people creating brand new fairy tales from scratch? And… » 6/22/12 9:00am 6/22/12 9:00am

The Star Trek sequel is like a modern myth...and it's all about villain Benedict Cumberbatch!

Star Chris Pine explains how J.J. Abrams's second Star Trek movie finds time to tell the small human stories in its big blockbuster setting. Co-writer Alex Kurtzman says Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch is the perfect villain to challenge the fully promoted Captain Kirk! » 6/18/12 6:00am 6/18/12 6:00am

Attack the Block's Joe Cornish is adapting Snow Crash. Plus is I Am Legend 2 really happening?

Chris Meloni provides tons of spoilers for True Blood. Will Smith explains why he's hesitant about I Am Legend 2. Dominic Cooper discusses the ins and outs of playing Abraham Lincoln's only vampire ally. Brian Michael Bendis says FX's Powers TV show isn't dead yet. Plus tons of Falling Skies spoilers! » 6/15/12 6:00am 6/15/12 6:00am

Brave director Mark Andrews explains why Merida isn't your typical Disney princess

In less than two weeks, Pixar will introduce the world to its own version of the fantasy princess: the strong-willed redheaded archer Merida. But what makes Merida different from the Disney princesses that so many young girls regard as archetypes of femininity? Brave director Mark Andrews explains how his flawed… » 6/13/12 9:00am 6/13/12 9:00am

Finally! The villain of Pixar's Brave is revealed!

While we've seen some gorgeous clips of Pixar's Scottish fairy tale Brave (showcasing the main character Merida's gorgeous red mane) but we've yet to see the movie's evil nemesis. We're guessing this was all done to keep most of the story secret, as Pixar likes to do. But now a few stills and a brand new clip finally… » 6/08/12 2:20pm 6/08/12 2:20pm

A Warrior Princess and her Mom at Loggerheads, in an Adorable New Brave Clip

While we're still not completely certain what happens to Pixar's new princess Merida in their latest animated feature, Brave, we do know that her strained relationship with her mother is the meat of the drama. Which is demonstrated in this clip quite well. Take a look at what's really happening inside the giant… » 5/30/12 10:30am 5/30/12 10:30am

Orson Scott Card reveals secrets of the Ender's Game movie. Plus Guillermo del Toro talks Pinocchio!

Orson Scott Card reveals the most difficult thing from his book to translate to the big screen. Guillermo del Toro talks possible casting for Pinocchio. Alan Ball reveals more details about Christopher Meloni's True Blood vampire modernist. Plus, the sibling dynamic we'll see in Thor 2, and Star Trek takes its first… » 5/23/12 6:00am 5/23/12 6:00am