Scientific proof that the Deepwater oil plume is over 20 miles long

Today scientists revealed the results of an investigation into the severity of the Deepwater oil spill. The plume of petroleum hydrocarbon chemicals measures a staggering 22 miles long, and has settled in a deep underwater layer (see photo). » 8/19/10 1:38pm 8/19/10 1:38pm

It's official: Joss Whedon is directing the Avengers movie!

At the Visionaries panel at Comic Con Joss Whedon announced that he is officially directing The Avengers, "Because Marvel can't afford the press release." » 7/22/10 3:50pm 7/22/10 3:50pm

Roland Emmerich On 2012 Sequel: It's Lost Meets District 9

Just seconds after telling us that he makes disaster movies because he hates sequels, director Roland Emmerich spilled all about his new ABC TV series 2013, that picks up after the waves part. It sounds epic. Spoiler warning. » 11/05/09 12:00pm 11/05/09 12:00pm

Will Futurama's Original Bender Voice His Robosexual Marriage?

Futurama is definitely coming back, but the show's Comic Con panel could only say they remain hopeful the original voice actors will be a part of the new season. They also revealed tons of details for what lies ahead. Spoilers! » 7/25/09 5:22pm 7/25/09 5:22pm

Star Trek's Third Movie Being Plotted Out Already?

It's been months since we've heard an update on the next Star Trek movie but last night at we got this little tidbit from screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. Sounds like the next film is part one of two. » 7/25/09 9:18am 7/25/09 9:18am

Joss Whedon Says Sheperd Book Comic And Dr. Horrible Comics On The Way

At the Dollhouse panel, Joss Whedon just announced that the long-awaited Firefly comic starring Shepherd Book is finally happening. and Dark Horse is publishing a comics tie-in with his new horror movie, Cabin In The Woods. Plus apparently we're going to get some Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog comics. So basically,… » 7/24/09 4:27pm 7/24/09 4:27pm

Olmos: The Plan Won't Be the Last BSG Movie

Most of the talk at today's Battlestar Galactica panel was on prequel series Caprica and TV movie "The Plan." But Edward James Olmos revealed that even after The Plan has ended, he's not done with Bill Adama. » 7/24/09 3:12pm 7/24/09 3:12pm

Gary Oldman Reveals New Batman Is On Its Way

During the Book of Eli panel at Comic-Con, Gary Oldman dropped a major piece of news. He said the next Batman movie starts filming next year, and is expected to be out in 2011. » 7/24/09 12:53pm 7/24/09 12:53pm

Dollhouse And Terminator Really Not Canceled Yet, Say Insiders

Joss Whedon told reporters he still has hope for a second Dollhouse season (and explained about that post-apocalyptic finale.) And Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles producers debunked their show's cancellation rumor. Plus season three details! » 4/15/09 2:30pm 4/15/09 2:30pm