Breaking Dawn: Part 2 was the big "winner" at last night's Razzie Awards

The night before the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hands out their golden statuettes to honor some of the best films of the year, the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation acknowledges some of the worst. This year, the Razzies held a special place in its gall bladder for the final Twilight film, with … »2/24/13 11:00am2/24/13 11:00am


After a Nation Rejoices at Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Honest Trailers Takes a Somber Look Back at New Moon

Now that Bella has married Edward, become a vampire, had a creepy CG baby and given that baby to a teenage werewolf that wants to have sex with it (...eventually) in this weekend's Breaking Dawn Part Deux, we thought it was important to take a look back at how far we've come since a young, white blob first fell in… »11/19/12 6:09pm11/19/12 6:09pm

The final Twilight movie is like a porn film with action figures

I realized it about a quarter of the way into Breaking Dawn, Part 2, the fifth and final movie in the Twilight movie saga. I was watching a porn flick. I don't mean that people were getting it on in improbable ways with even more improbable amounts of stamina. I mean the stilted dialogue whose entire purpose is to… »11/16/12 12:48pm11/16/12 12:48pm

Here is that Twilight footage of Bella Swan fighting a mountain lion

The Twilight saga is about to climax in a bitter battle between vampire and Volturi in Breaking Dawn: Part 2, but not before Bella fights a mountain lion. This was finally previewed in the latest trailer for the very last Twilight, the series that keeps on giving in the form of terrible CG. This aired last night at… »9/07/12 9:30am9/07/12 9:30am

Watch the latest Amazing Spider-Man videos! Plus an Arrested Development star joins the Munsters remake!

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In the new Twilight trailer, Bella kills everyone in Forks

Step right up, it's the grand finale of the grand finale of the Twilight saga! Watch the first teaser trailer for Breaking Dawn: Part 2. Bella has become a newborn vampire, which means she now wears red contacts and lipstick. Can Bella handle her mad thirst for blood? Or will her new vampire powers cause her to… »3/26/12 7:55am3/26/12 7:55am