A Total Recall remake from the director of Underworld and Live Free Or Die Hard?

Nobody thinks a Total Recall remake is a good idea, but it's still happening. And now it's been announced that Underworld director Len Wiseman is in final talks to direct, from a script by Equilibrium/Ultraviolet director Kurt Wimmer. This will be a new "contemporized" adaptation. The press release quotes Wiseman: »7/29/10 2:36pm7/29/10 2:36pm

Did Joss Whedon just name Nathan Fillion as the Avengers' Ant-Man?

We didn't get into the Joss Whedon panel at Comic Con just now, but reports are coming out that Whedon confirmed that Captain Hammer himself, Nathan Fillion, will be playing Ant-Man in his Avengers movie. And he also said he's still developing his Wastelanders webseries project with Warren Ellis. More details when we… »7/23/10 8:12pm7/23/10 8:12pm