Brett Ratner is making a high concept Quantum Leap show

The who tried to kill the X-Men, Brett Ratner, is developing a new time traveling series that basically sounds like Quantum Leap but without any of the charm. The drama is slated for ABC, and is backed by Law & Order producer Barry Schindel. According to Deadline, the series is called Tomorrow and is "high-concept"… »1/08/13 5:48pm1/08/13 5:48pm

What if Roger Corman or Alfred Hitchcock directed The Hunger Games?

Gary Ross is getting rave reviews for his faithful adaptation of Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games, but what if a different director imposed his or her own peculiar vision on the dystopian murder competition? These movie posters imagine how Katniss and company would fare in the hands of some very different moviemakers. »3/25/12 2:00pm3/25/12 2:00pm

The Eddie Murphy/Ben Stiller Comedy That Could Change the Future of Movies As We Know Them

Chances are you haven't been paying much attention to Tower Heist, the upcoming comedy film starring Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller. But this movie could be the turning point in the transformation of movies. As we wrote back in February, Hollywood is moving towards getting more of its revenue from video on demand (VOD)… »10/12/11 11:30am10/12/11 11:30am

X-Men 3's Ratner Wants His Own Private Superhero Team

Not content with almost tanking the X-Men franchise with X-Men: The Last Stand — Killing Cyclops off-screen, Brett? Really? — Brett Ratner is now turning his attention to more superpowered teenagers for his next project, Harbinger. Paramount Pictures have optioned the popular 1990s comic series after Ratner expressed… »3/12/08 11:40am3/12/08 11:40am