11 Most Prolific Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors of All Time

When you discover a new favorite author, you want to dive in and read all of his or her works — but sometimes, that means a paltry stack of five or six books. And then there are some authors whose output would take years to read. Here are the 11 most prolific science fiction and fantasy authors of all time. »10/11/13 1:31pm10/11/13 1:31pm


Michael Chabon's 17-Year Quest to Write a Mars Adventure Movie

John Carter wasn't Michael Chabon's first attempt at writing about nineteenth century heroes having swashbuckling adventures on Mars. Long before he joined up with Andrew Stanton to adapt Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic novels to the screen, Chabon wrote another Martian epic. Discover the saga of The Martian Agent, and… »2/29/12 5:54pm2/29/12 5:54pm

Brian Aldiss Back in the Spotlight. It's about time!

If you love a dash of weirdness and mile-a-minute storytelling, then you've never stopped loving the novels of Brian Aldiss. But anybody who's slept on Aldiss' dizzying writing is going to get a new chance to appreciate the master, who's probably best known for writing the story that became Spielberg and Kubrick's A.I. »1/26/12 3:20pm1/26/12 3:20pm