The Surprisingly Feminine Core of Dark Knight III

Frank Miller’s Dark Knight series has, for better or worse, been one of the most highly influential pieces of Batman media in decades—and a return to that universe is one that usually could be fraught with danger. But the first issue of The Master Race has some surprising twists to it that leave us wanting to know… »Wednesday 12:20pm11/25/15 12:20pm


Read a five-page preview of Spaceman, one of the year's best science fiction comics

You may remember comic scribe Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso from their critically acclaimed crime comic book 100 Bullets. Now, the duo is tackling dystopian science fiction with their new DC/Vertigo series Spaceman. Check out an exclusive five-page preview of next week's extremely grimy issue. »11/22/11 5:00pm11/22/11 5:00pm