These adorable steampunk illustrations make us want a pet octopus of our own

As it turns out, the entirely imaginary Victorian Land Octopus makes an excellent pet. He's fiercely loyal, knows how to lace up a corset, is a master behind the sewing machine, and plays a mean game of hide and go seek. (The camouflage helps with that one.) Brian Kesinger's Otto and Victoria illustrations bring us… » 10/28/12 9:30am 10/28/12 9:30am

Hey Disney, this is the steampunk princess movie we want!

The last bit of animated steampunkery we saw from Disney was Atlantis: The Lost Empire. And sadly, most of the gadgets and steam-powered gizmos were quickly swapped for fluorescent face paint. Fortunately, we've spied the perfect bit of Disneyesque concept art that's a perfect starting place for a princess with… » 1/17/12 10:35am 1/17/12 10:35am