Uncanny X-Men Ends With a Bang—and Finally Deals With Iceman's Sexuality

When All-New X-Men #40 released, a major topic of discussion was the fact that a younger, time-displaced Bobby Drake, a.k.a. Iceman, came out as gay. But ever since, fans have wondered if this meant the present-day Bobby was simply in the closet, or maybe not gay at all. Seven months later, we finally have the answer. »11/04/15 11:40am11/04/15 11:40am


Spider-Man is an extremely polite menace, in this first look at Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man

Ever since the death of Peter Parker, teenager Miles Morales has carried the mantle of the Ultimate Universe's most famous web-slinger. And so far in his short career, Miles has aced the "friendly" and "neighborhood" parts of the equation, but he has yet to get the "Spider-Man" portion down pat. »3/29/12 10:00am3/29/12 10:00am