Princess Leia finally gets her X-Wing license thanks to Dark Horse's new Star Wars comic

It's an injustice as grave as Chewbacca not receiving a medal at the end of Star Wars: A New Hope — Princess Leia, leader of the Rebellion, ace-shot with a blaster, and all-around kick-ass heroine never got to fly starships with the boys. Well, thanks to writer Brian Wood, Leia finally gets her chance in the pilot's… »1/04/13 12:20pm1/04/13 12:20pm

A First Look At The Brand New Comic Star Wars (With Darth Vader Illustrated By Alex Ross!)

Scads of new comic books will be announced at the San Diego Comic-Con this week, but here's a doozy with a pedigree. In January, Dark Horse Comics will publish Star Wars (full stop), an ongoing comic set during the original Star Wars trilogy by prolific author Brian Wood (DMZ, Channel Zero, Northlanders, The Massive), »7/10/12 10:25am7/10/12 10:25am

We talk environmental apocalypses (and free comics) with DMZ author Brian Wood

DMZ and Northlanders writer Brian Wood previously told io9 about the design process that went into his upcoming environmental meltdown comic The Massive, in which the Earth is rapidly ravaged by climate change. And today, Wood was on hand to discuss the narrative side of this tale, the first issue of which will be… »4/20/12 2:10pm4/20/12 2:10pm

Phonogram, our fave comic about magicians channeling Madonna records, is coming back

In artist Jamie McKelvie and author Kieron Gillen's Image Comics series Phonogram, a group of British magicians draw their supernatural powers from pop music LPs ranging from Pulp to Robyn to Dexys Midnight Runners. It's a sleek and clever comic with two volumes — Rue Britannia and The Singles Club — and has also been… »2/27/12 4:20pm2/27/12 4:20pm

Read the first chapter of The Massive, Brian Wood's new environmental apocalypse comic!

We've been psyched for DMZ author Brian Wood's next big end-of-the-world project The Massive for a spell now. And even though The Massive ongoing series kicks off in June, Dark Horse Comics has allowed io9 to republish the entire first chapter of Wood and Kristian Donaldson's story from January's issue of Dark Horse… »2/22/12 5:50pm2/22/12 5:50pm

Read an exclusive sneak peek of Dark Horse Comics' Conan The Barbarian!

Here's an exclusive preview of Dark Horse's upcoming Conan the Barbarian series by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan (interview here). You can read an exclusive two-page preview of the first issue below, and check out a gallery of the series' sword-swinging covers, including a first look at the fourth issue's cover art. … »1/10/12 6:45pm1/10/12 6:45pm

In the new Conan The Barbarian comic, the Cimmerian takes to the seas with a perpetually naked pirate queen

At the New York Comic Con, io9 spoke with author Brian Wood (DMZ, Northlanders) and illustrator Becky Cloonan (Demo, American Virgin) about their new Conan The Barbarian series for Dark Horse Comics. The animated duo told io9 about their various upcoming projects (and elaborated on the creative hurdles one encounters… »10/18/11 5:00pm10/18/11 5:00pm