30 Cult Movies That Absolutely Everybody Must See

A great cult movie is like a weird underground discovery, that feels so strange and wonderful, you suspect that you're the first person ever to appreciate it properly. But certain cult films have acquired fame and influence to rival any blockbuster, and have become part of our shared vocabulary. Here are 30 essential… » 3/07/14 11:48am 3/07/14 11:48am

Joe Morton Says Frankenstein Is Not a Nerd

Joe Morton plays Henry Deacon on mad scientist show Eureka » 7/29/08 10:32am 7/29/08 10:32am, and his character is in many ways the moral center of the show. One of the most brilliant scientists in town, he's suffered great personal loss and prefers to spend his time tinkering in a garage in greasy overalls rather than stuffed into a white coat in a…

Romance Between a Human, an Alien, and a Classic Video Game

There's a lot to love about John Sayles' early-1980s movie Brother from Another Planet. Joe Morton (Terminator 2, Eureka) plays an escaped slave from another planet who winds up in New York fixing video games with his super-powered hands. As a mute alien looking for his escaped comrades in Harlem, he turns in an… » 2/08/08 5:00pm 2/08/08 5:00pm