Why can't Hollywood make a decent fairy tale movie?

Fairytales contain some of the most delightful make-believe in literature, even with all their creepiness and weirdness. These stories of bargains and trials, distilled by the oral tradition, pack some of the most potent storytelling in any genre, for any audience. So why can't anybody manage to make a halfway decent… »3/28/13 3:29pm3/28/13 3:29pm

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Can't Afford to Miss in November

November's books are bursting with excitement! There's futuristic pulp fiction, swashbuckling excitement, reimagined fairytales... and the return of Miles Vorkosigan. Wild adventures and amazing cleverness await, and you don't want to miss out on all the conversations the cool people will be having about these shiny… »11/13/12 5:21pm11/13/12 5:21pm

10 Totally Psychotic Fairy Tales that Hollywood Should Film Next

Everybody knows that Hollywood has gone fairy-tale crazy. There are dueling Snow White movies and competing Beauty and the Beast shows, plus a ton of others. But eventually, they're going to run out of Disney-approved fairytales, and they're going to have to dig into... the weird stuff. You know, the ones where young… »1/31/12 2:09pm1/31/12 2:09pm

Erstwhile Tales is a webcomics collection of Grimm's less popular fairy tales

Between Vertigo's Fables comics, ABC's Once Upon a Time, NBC's Grimm, and the endless upcoming Snow White movies, you've probably brushed up on your old familiar fairy tales. But the Brothers Grimm have a whole canon of stories that aren't constantly readapted for page and screen. The webcomic anthology Erstwhile Tales »1/07/12 11:00am1/07/12 11:00am