How does the original Tron live up to our nerdstalgia?

Tron lit up our childhoods with the warm blue glow of cyber-revolution. But how does it hold up now, after all these years? Can it live up to our rose-tinted memories? We decided to re-watch it and find out. Spoilers! » 12/06/10 3:30pm 12/06/10 3:30pm

New Tron Legacy footage shows the digital drama inside Tron City

Last night, we watched a collection of new Tron Legacy clips, which showcased Daft Punk's cameo and disc wars — but most importantly, the drama between programs and humans. Can the new Tron's characters compete with its bright neon visuals? » 10/05/10 12:56pm 10/05/10 12:56pm

Inside Tron Legacy with the stars and director

We ventured inside Flynn's, into the vivid glow of the Tron universe. We met Tron Legacy stars Garrett Hedlund and Bruce Boxleitner, plus director Joseph Kosinski and producer Sean Bailey. They told us how the new movie raises the game. » 7/23/10 3:00pm 7/23/10 3:00pm

Lora Bradley Lives! Tron's Cindy Morgan Tells All

One of the biggest surprises of Wondercon's Tron Legacy viral marketing event was the appearance of Cindy Morgan as Lora Bradley, the wife of Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner). Wasn't Lora supposed to be dead? We asked Morgan what's up. » 4/16/10 3:35pm 4/16/10 3:35pm

Tron Press Conference: Helicopter Stunts, Protesters And Bruce…

Tonight, Encom's Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) came to San Francisco to give us some hints for Tron Legacy. It was the most elaborate viral marketing event in forever: Boxleitner charmed us, protestors rioted, and someone parachuted from a helicopter! » 4/02/10 11:32pm 4/02/10 11:32pm

More Details About Tron 2's Shakespearean Tragedy — With Lightcycles!

New plot details about the Tron sequel have leaked out, and it sounds like a gripping tale of father-son conflict and intergenerational angst... with light-cycles. Tons of spoilers, below. » 3/02/09 11:28am 3/02/09 11:28am

Teleport Into The Secret History Of Tron

With Jumper opening today and everyone abuzz about teleportation, it seemed like the perfect time to remind everyone of another movie about teleportation: Tron. The device that zaps Jeff Bridges into the video-game world is actually built to teleport matter from one place to another. Learn the secret history of Tron,… » 2/15/08 11:12am 2/15/08 11:12am