The Science—And Neuroscience—Behind Bruce Lee's Amazing One-Inch Punch

One inch. That's as far away from you Bruce Lee's hand needed to be to deliver a devastating punch that could knock you across the room. Lee accomplished this amazing blow not just with physical mastery, but mental mastery as well. » 5/25/14 12:00pm 5/25/14 12:00pm

11 Sidekicks Who Are Indisputably Better Than Their Heroes

Heroes are usually larger than life, but sometimes it’s the person standing next to them that casts the bigger shadow. While main heroes usually get top-billing, but they can often be too boring, too troubled, or even too dumb to save the day. Thankfully, here are 11 sidekicks that pick up the slack — often doing a… » 8/06/13 10:05am 8/06/13 10:05am

One of the Most Alarming Things Ever to Come out of James Bond

After his one and only stint playing James Bond, George Lazenby went off to Hong Kong, where he started in a slew of low-budget action movies. And perhaps the weirdest of those was Stoner, the movie you really do have to be kind of baked to enjoy. Check out this clip of a crucial sequence, where Lazenby's character… » 11/21/12 5:10pm 11/21/12 5:10pm

Insane 1977 movie sent Bruce Lee to Hell to meet Popeye, Dracula, and…

After Bruce Lee died in 1973, a raft of Bruceploitation films hit cinemas. These low-budget movies often starred shameless imitators (like "Bruce Li" and "Bruce Lai") and were occasionally marketed to confused moviegoers expecting a heretofore undiscovered Bruce Lee film. » 11/05/11 4:20pm 11/05/11 4:20pm

Will Seth Rogen Make You Care About The Green Hornet?

No, probably not. Not even Rogen's self-deprecating humor can generate enough buzz to make me want to sit through this bargain-basement superhero movie. Rogen says Hornet, which he's co-writing and starring in, will be about a superhero whose sidekick (Kato) is more famous than he is. But to us, it's just more proof… » 7/01/08 10:40am 7/01/08 10:40am

Green Hornet Wasn't Always a Paunchy Jewish Canadian

Everybody's buzzing about how Seth Rogen is attached to play superhero Green Hornet in the movie adaptation he's also writing. That means most people will think of the Green Hornet as a paunchy, Jewish hero if this thing actually gets made. Since most audiences today aren't familiar with The Green Hornet » 11/29/07 2:30pm 11/29/07 2:30pm, we've put…