Vice Magazine Just Started Publishing Science Fiction Online

Another new science fiction magazine has just joined the internet. Vice Magazine, which was already writing about science fiction via its excellent Motherboard site, has launched a SF mag called Terraform, with stories by Cory Doctorow and Bruce Sterling. But the interesting part is, they want to see more fiction go… » 11/17/14 11:25am 11/17/14 11:25am

We Need A New Literary Movement With A Slightly Ludicrous Name

When I first obsessed about the idea of being a science-fiction writer, I was captivated by the Slipstream movement, which aimed to bust genre boundaries and shatter expectations. And reading about 1975's science fiction boom makes you realize how great the New Wave was. So maybe it's time for a new movement with a… » 5/08/14 1:27pm 5/08/14 1:27pm

Sterling and Lebkowsky on why the world is in a state of WTF

As is tradition, Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky have kickstarted the new year by discussing the current state of the world. This year's edition is as insightful and acerbic as ever, touching upon such topics as the NSA, the emergence of "android demigod" Google, and why it's so hard to write scifi these days. » 1/08/14 7:40am 1/08/14 7:40am

Bruce Sterling Thinks Artificial Intelligence Has Jumped the Shark

Bruce Sterling wrote influential works like Schismatrix and Islands in the Net, plus he practically invented cyberpunk (with all due respect, of course, to William Gibson and Rudy Rucker). We are serious fans of his work. And if his recent comments about the potential risks of greater-than-human artificial… » 1/17/13 2:40pm 1/17/13 2:40pm

Bruce Sterling's Advice for New Science Fiction Authors: "Trying to ace…

There's a must-read interview with legendary Cyberpunk author Bruce Sterling over at FortyKey, where Cory Doctorow, Paul Di Filippo and a bunch of other people ask him questions about writing and the future. In particular, Di Filippo asks him what his strategy would be for breaking in as a new science fiction writer… » 1/04/13 4:46pm 1/04/13 4:46pm

Paolo Bacigalupi: Science fiction "thrives at uncertainty points, when…

Wind-Up Girl author Paolo Bacigalupi's essay over at Wired is both a must read and a quick read. The essay is mostly about how Cyberpunk saved science fiction by shaking up the complacent view of the future that had dominated for decades — but then he broadens out into a more general theory of science fiction as a… » 6/20/12 4:43pm 6/20/12 4:43pm

Science fiction futures ruled by the popular kids

Some people's futures are determined by popular vote: American Idol contestants, class presidents, and people who want to get gay married in California. But what if every aspect of our lives was determined by our reputation and popularity? Would our futures be better, or would the tyranny of the popular spin us into… » 2/04/12 10:00am 2/04/12 10:00am

Great Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Who Never Wrote Sequels or…

Sometimes it seems like science fiction, and especially fantasy, are genres that lend themselves exclusively to trilogies and long-running series. But some of the greatest writers in speculative fiction have only written standalone novels, not series or trilogies. » 1/30/12 2:46pm 1/30/12 2:46pm

The Death of Philip K. Dick and the Birth of Cyberpunk

Rudy Rucker was the first author to win the Philip K. Dick Award, right after Dick's death in 1982. Around that time, Rucker was becoming aware of the new "Cyberpunk" movement and meeting the rebellious authors who were reimagining the union of humans and computers. In this exclusive excerpt from Rucker's new… » 12/06/11 3:19pm 12/06/11 3:19pm

Bruce Sterling on Wikileaks and the future of dissidents

Bruce Sterling is known as a prescient futurist, a brilliant science fiction author, and the author of a seminal history of hacking called The Hacker Crackdown. Now he's published a manifesto about why Wikileaks was inevitable. » 12/22/10 4:30pm 12/22/10 4:30pm

Rudy Rucker and Bruce Sterling's twisted future Hollywood story will…

You might think there's a limit to how weird Rudy Rucker or Bruce Sterling can get, but when they team up, their combined weirdness limit rises exponentially. Witness their strange, unsettling — and highly quotable — story "Good Night, Moon." » 10/14/10 9:00am 10/14/10 9:00am

Get caught up on the Sidewise nominees for best alternate history…

The finalists for the 2009 Sidewise Awards, honoring the best in alternate history, have been announced. And just in case the version of you in this universe hasn't already read the novel and five short stories, here's your primer. » 6/08/10 2:15pm 6/08/10 2:15pm

Great Moments in Alternate History: Charles Babbage

In real life, Charles Babbage was a relatively unknown inventor who pioneered early computers. In modern alternate reality fiction, Babbage is a mad genius and steampunk icon. Here are some authors who resurrected Babbage's career a century later. » 3/28/10 1:02pm 3/28/10 1:02pm

Everything You Need To Know About The Singularity (Until Your Brain's…

We can't wait until our brains are hardwired into cybernests, so we can fully appreciate the hilariousness of SpaceCollective's guide to skepticism about the Singularity. My fave part: This illustration, explaining how "extreme shit going down" leads to The Future. » 1/05/10 11:13am 1/05/10 11:13am

Anarchy In The U.P.?

If you're feeling that science fiction is just a little too organized for your tastes, NWSFS has the recommended SF reading list from this month's Seattle Anarchists Book Fair for you. If you need more, Bruce Sterling happily obliges. » 10/25/09 3:00pm 10/25/09 3:00pm

Bruce Sterling And Jeff VanderMeer Offer 2 Lessons On How To Build A…

Science-fiction fans and writers, alike, tend to think of cities in too simplistic a fashion. Quotes from The Caryatids author Bruce Sterling and City Of Saints And Madmen author Jeff VanderMeer explain how you should really view urban infrastructure. » 9/17/09 10:00am 9/17/09 10:00am

Your Personality Is Being Rewritten On The Fly

Terri Schiavo was "the first celebrity posthuman," but posthumanism is coming for all of us, according to a group of science fiction writers who met to discuss the future of identity and media. » 3/26/09 11:42am 3/26/09 11:42am

Why Does Bruce Sterling Hate Web 2.0?

Last week in Wellington, New Zealand, all the brightest future-minded web nerds gathered together at an event called Webstock. And scifi author Bruce Sterling keynoted with a lecture about how Web 2.0 is doomed. » 2/25/09 12:55pm 2/25/09 12:55pm

Death of (Another) Underappreciated Novelist

Sometimes the trashiest, pulpiest cover hides something truly spectacular underneath. Certainly that's the case with UK scifi writer Barrington J. Bayley. Admired by writers as diverse as Bruce Sterling and William S. Burroughs, Bayley wrote that he "oscillate[s] between two immovable positions: an overwhelming belief… » 10/16/08 2:40pm 10/16/08 2:40pm

Step Inside Rudy Rucker's Crazy-Quilt Writing Salon

A new Rudy Rucker story (or book) is cause for major celebration just by itself. But a new Rudy Rucker story, plus a whole site full of weird and inappropriate fiction edited by Rucker? Calls for, quite possibly, a naked body paint flashmob or something. Rucker has just posted the sixth issue of his ezine Flurb » 9/18/08 2:48pm 9/18/08 2:48pm, which…