Tony Stark Does A Bruce Wayne In Deleted Iron Man Scene

Just how hard was it for Iron Man »8/15/08 10:25am8/15/08 10:25am to get its PG rating? Here's one of the sequences that had to disappear: Tony Stark orders poor put-upon Pepper Potts to organize a last-minute party at his house in Dubai. Then, after some painfully awkward party dialog (and a babes-in-the-hot tub moment) that probably should have…

Will Seth Rogen Make You Care About The Green Hornet?

No, probably not. Not even Rogen's self-deprecating humor can generate enough buzz to make me want to sit through this bargain-basement superhero movie. Rogen says Hornet, which he's co-writing and starring in, will be about a superhero whose sidekick (Kato) is more famous than he is. But to us, it's just more proof… »7/01/08 10:40am7/01/08 10:40am