50,000 bubonic plague victims may still be buried beneath London's streets

Archaeologists working on London's £14.8 billion ($22 billion) Crossrail Project have discovered a burial ground in Farringdon, a historic part of the city. According to experts, there may be as many as 50,000 people buried in this so-called "no man's land" — victims of the Black Plague that swept through the region… »3/15/13 12:30pm3/15/13 12:30pm

Why people in the United States are still dying from the bubonic plague

The United States is one of the many countries around the world that technically still suffers from what was once called the Black Death. Although we're not keeling over like medieval peasants, there are regular cases of bubonic plague that spring up every year in the American southwest. Occasionally, they lead to… »1/25/13 3:00pm1/25/13 3:00pm

In 1900, San Francisco's Chinatown was quarantined with barbed wire fences

Here are some snapshots from a dark chapter in American history. Throughout the 19th century, San Francisco's growing Chinese immigrant population had to contend with codified prejudice from legislation like the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, segregated communities, and the sentiment that Chinese-Americans were the… »1/24/12 2:15pm1/24/12 2:15pm