An extremely creepy tour of an abandoned Soviet monument in Bulgaria

Remember those derelict Bulgarian war memorials that resemble space fortresses? Well, it turns out they're just as otherworldly inside. Here's one intrepid urban explorer's journey into the shadowy corridors of the shuttered Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship memorial in Varna, Bulgaria. It's also a case study on why you… »4/06/12 7:10pm4/06/12 7:10pm

Bulgaria's abandoned Socialist monument is secretly on the ice planet Hoth

We've looked at some abandoned Bulgarian Socialist architecture before, but never like this. This winter, photographer Timothy Allen braved snowstorms and horrific cold to shoot the UFO-like Buzludzha monument in the Bulgarian Balkans. The resulting pictures look like the lost Communist equivalent of Echo Base. »3/01/12 10:20am3/01/12 10:20am

Environmentalists Destroy the Environment in Bulgaria

The area where Bulgaria hugs the Black Sea is a mass of cheap, crappy resorts punctuated by a few luxury hotels. Still, areas with untouched forest remain — at least, they will until next year, when an eco-community will turn nature into "nature" by creating a carbon-neutral city in a place where there are currently… »7/15/08 10:00am7/15/08 10:00am