Rumors That Kale is Bad for You Are Based on Hilariously Bad Science

Just read the procedure described above. It describes how alternative medicine practitioner Ernie Hubbard, who set the kale=bad meme rolling earlier this month, tested his suspicion that patients were poisoning themselves with kale. Ah yes, the trusty upside-down-notecard-on-a-desk technique! Where would science be… » 7/20/15 4:20pm 7/20/15 4:20pm

And here's the worst Star Wars fan in the entire world

I don't watch Extreme Home Makeover, because I cry really, really easily and I never have enough tissues to handle the end when a family in need gets a house they deserve. But it's a shame I missed this past Sunday's episode, because apparently the Star Wars-loving cosplayers of the Central Texas 501st Legion, also… » 12/04/12 1:03pm 12/04/12 1:03pm