Marvel Heroes help bullied kids in these new Variant Comic Covers

The start of a new School year can be tough for anyone - and with National Bullying Prevention Month coming up this October, Marvel's enlisted the help of a few superheroes to promote the cause in a series of variant comic book covers. » 9/04/14 3:14pm 9/04/14 3:14pm

How internet hatred can destroy your soul and dreams

Phil Fish is the creator of a very popular and much loved video game called Fez. He's also the target of a lot of internet hatred. The latest hate burst has been so intense that he's calling it quits, canceling the second part of his original masterwork. » 7/27/13 10:49pm 7/27/13 10:49pm

You are not cool enough for Star Wars

When news broke about a young girl named Katie who was bullied for liking Star Wars, it captured the sympathies of Star Wars fans everywhere. But this bullying incident actually proves that Star Wars has become synonymous with popular-kid cool. » 12/09/10 5:31pm 12/09/10 5:31pm