We've Identified Those Bugs Infesting Burning Man -- And It's Not Pretty [UPDATED]

Yesterday, Burning Man organizers revealed the truth: the annual desert arts festival is infested with bugs. Swarms of them. Piles of them. What are they? Why has nobody ever seen them before, in over two decades of building mega-party spaces in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert? We found out. »8/20/15 3:01am8/20/15 3:01am


What would a Settlers of Catan game look like if giants played it?

Settlers of Catan, that addictive German board game that prompts otherwise normal people to start screaming about wheat and knights and sheep and ore, received a giant-sized treatment at Burning Man 2007 thanks to Julie Von Bergen and Matt Bell. You can see more photos of its construction at Matt's Flickr account, and… »2/12/11 12:00pm2/12/11 12:00pm

Six Earth Cities That Will Provide Blueprints for Martian Settlers

If humans land on Mars by 2037 as NASA hopes, they'll need cities modeled on ones that already exist in extreme climates on Earth. Here are six high-tech (and a few low-tech) cities that would have a passing shot at survival in the Martian climate. Of course there are the obvious choices, like research stations in… »3/28/08 6:30pm3/28/08 6:30pm