First Clip From Joe Dante's Burying The Ex Unearths The Zombie Comedy

Horror comedy is perhaps one of the greatest genres ever created, and one of the most difficult to execute exactly. So the idea of a zombie comedy about an undead ex-girlfriend returning to claim her boyfriend does pique our interest, but can it deliver? Let's check out the first clip from Burying The Ex. »9/03/14 4:55pm9/03/14 4:55pm

Hottie Russian Invites Werewolves To Interstellar Space Party, Undead Exes And Creepy Splice Baby Pics

This week, take a closer look at Russian scifi epic Inhabited Island »11/16/08 8:00pm11/16/08 8:00pm to see the bad boy side to the curly headed hero in the new trailer were we finally able to get - Looks like he's not afraid to smear some blood all over those baby blues and kick some werewolf butt. Plus, we've got a closer look at the blood sucking…