Asteroid Apocalypse Prevention Finally Gets Some Funding

With all the space rocks zipping by Earth these days, we're pretty much cruising for an interplanetary bruising. But NASA's line on the situation is, to paraphrase administrator Mike Griffin: "Forget about that whole thing; we're going back to the Moon! Yay!" Fortunately, the B612 Foundation is slightly more serious… »6/24/08 12:48pm6/24/08 12:48pm

Famous Climate Scientist Goes Postal, Tries to Lock up Big Oil CEOs

One of the most well-respected climatologists in the world, James Hansen was pissed off about global warming way before it was cool to be 'green' — like, 1988. He's such a baddass that in 2006 he took on his employer, NASA, and the Bush Administration, publicly accusing them of supressing his research, which provided… »6/23/08 12:35pm6/23/08 12:35pm