Buzz Aldrin's Caption for This Iconic Apollo 11 Photo Is Perfect

Forty six years ago today, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first two people to walk on the Moon, and Armstrong snapped this iconic photo of Aldrin (and of himself, too—that tiny little astronaut reflected in the visor is Armstrong). But it wasn’t until today that Aldrin finally gave it the perfect caption. » 7/20/15 3:40pm 7/20/15 3:40pm

Remembering the Crew of Space Shuttle Columbia

Ten years ago today, we lost Space Shuttle Columbia and her crew. Here, Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin salutes as NASA Administrator Charles Bolden looks on, during a wreath laying ceremony held in the crew's memory today at Arlington National Cemetery. A public memorial service was also held at Kennedy Space Center… » 2/01/13 1:20pm 2/01/13 1:20pm

The Apollo 11 astronauts couldn't obtain life insurance. Here's what…

When the Apollo 11 astronauts prepared to walk on the moon, they suffered from a very earthly concern: money. Given how dangerous the first manned mission to the moon was, life insurance was prohibitively expensive for the three astronauts. So they had to resort to other means to prepare for the possibility of their… » 9/01/12 9:30am 9/01/12 9:30am

Aldrin Says First Manned Mission to Mars Should be a One Way Trip

Buzz Aldrin has stepped from his pedestal once again to talk about the space program. No longer content to bash science fiction for destroying interest in real space exploration, Aldrin has turned his attention to a crewed mission to Mars, saying that if we do send humans to the Red Planet, we shouldn’t bother… » 10/24/08 8:40am 10/24/08 8:40am

Buzz Aldrin Wants Entrepreneurs to Claim the Moon

Over at BoingBoingTV, Xeni Jardin has a great interview with astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who is never shy about sharing is opinions about what's wrong with the U.S. space program. Here he talks about how entrepreneurs should take over the moon, and why space travel is synonymous with freedom. Video below. Click to view » 8/19/08 11:39am 8/19/08 11:39am I…