This week's DVD and Blu-ray releases: Pixar's Monsters University, the unofficial True Grit sequel R.I.P.D., and Neil Jordan's excellent vampire film Byzantium, starring Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan. » 10/28/13 3:29pm 10/28/13 3:29pm

Byzantium explores what vampirism would actually be like

Forget superpowers and sparkly weddings and crazy dirt sex. The vampires in Neil Jordan's quiet, subversively funny new movie Byzantium are dealing with real problems. Like how to kill, but maintain your moral code. And how to live apart from your mother after 200 years. This is the smartest and most rewarding… » 6/28/13 9:00am 6/28/13 9:00am

Interview with a Vampire director explains how to reinvent vampires

Neil Jordan, director of Interview with a Vampire and Michael Collins, has returned to vampires at last, with Byzantium. Starring a mother-daughter pair of troubled vampires, this movie is everything the supernatural world has been missing for so long. We asked Jordan for the secret to a compelling vampire story, and… » 6/27/13 2:50pm 6/27/13 2:50pm

Free Screening of Neil Jordan's New Vampire Movie Byzantium

If you're in San Francisco — or feel like making a road trip — you can be among the first to see Byzantium, the new vampire movie from Neil Jordan. It stars Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton as two vampires who come to a coastal town, unleashing mayhem and bloody confusion. » 6/20/13 11:24am 6/20/13 11:24am

Byzantium trailer channels that old Interview with A Vampire feeling

It's been a long time since we've seen a vampire movie with complicated monster hierarchies, gorgeous period-piece costumes and bittersweet relationships. But Neil Jordan (writer of High Spirits and director of The Crying Game) is channeling that old Anne Rice feeling. Let's hope it works. » 5/21/13 11:20am 5/21/13 11:20am

Summer Movie Preview: 34 Movies To Watch Out For

Will this be the summer that all your favorite icons reach their true potential for greatness on the big screen? Or will all your favorite characters be stuck in generic tentpole films about angst and terrorism? We'll find out soon! Here's the complete guide to this summer's science fiction, fantasy and comic book… » 4/23/13 12:32pm 4/23/13 12:32pm

Mother/daughter vampire duo has a bloody bond in new Byzantium trailer

We've seen more than our share of vampire romances, but the passionate relationship at the center of Neil Jordan's Byzantium is not between lovers, but between a 200-year-old vampire and her bloodsucking mother. » 4/20/13 10:00am 4/20/13 10:00am

First Doctor Who Set Photo of Matt Smith and David Tennant Together!

The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors officially share a scene in the 50th Anniversary special, in their first ever set photo together — plus a classic Who writer hints at more iconic monsters in the special! Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Transformers 4 will take over the Midwest this summer. Spoilers from here on… » 4/18/13 6:00am 4/18/13 6:00am

George R.R. Martin confirms a fan favorite character won't appear on …

Check out a new teaser and official description for Man of Steel. Another returning character is confirmed for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special. Plus tons of spoilers for what's ahead on Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, and more! Spoilers from here on out! » 4/09/13 6:00am 4/09/13 6:00am

How does War Machine help save the day in Iron Man 3? Plus a truly…

Seriously, Doctor Who's midseason premiere might feature a very surprising returning character. Captain America: The Winter Soldier adds to its cast, while a Star Wars and Alien alum joins the design team for Guardians of the Galaxy. Check out tons of new videos for Game of Thrones, Iron Man 3, G.I. Joe: Retaliation,… » 3/22/13 6:00am 3/22/13 6:00am

Gemma Arterton trades hunting witches for vacationing with vampires in …

We've already talked about Byzantium as one of the most promising flicks of the year, thanks to the lovely Gemma Arterton, who takes a more dramatic look at the world of the supernatural than she did in Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, as well as director Neil Jordan, who returns to the world of sexy vampires for the… » 2/04/13 9:25am 2/04/13 9:25am

First bloody clip from Saoirse Ronan's vampire movie Byzantium is…

We're exceptionally excited to see the first ever clip from director Neil Jordan's (High Spirits, Interview with the Vampire) return to the vampire genre, Byzantium. The film stars the insanely gorgeous Gemma Arterton and she-with-the-eyes-that-haunt, Saoirse Ronan. Both will be playing vampires. Heck yeah! Here's… » 9/10/12 6:30am 9/10/12 6:30am

How soon will we see Jeremy Renner play Hawkeye again? And will …

Matt Smith offers a joyous preview of Doctor Who's new season. Director Len Wiseman explains his editing process for Total Recall. Plus Frankenweenie character posters, American Horror Story and Once Upon a Time casting updates, and more! » 7/27/12 6:00am 7/27/12 6:00am

What do the latest cryptic casting updates for The Dark Knight Rises

Does a sudden interest in Ant-Man comics mean the movie is at last about to happen? The awesome title of the Doctor Who season premiere is confirmed. Plus updates on Beetlejuice 2 and a pair of British vampire movies! » 6/26/12 6:35am 6/26/12 6:35am

Joseph Gordon-Levitt reveals why his time-travel epic Looper really…

An Avengers toy gives us our best look yet at the movie's mysterious army. There are new clips from Battleship and the brand new Batman cartoon. Barry Sonnenfeld talks time travel in Men in Black 3, and his Dinosaurs vs. Aliens project with Grant Morrison. James Cameron still vows to make his Battle Angel movie. Plus… » 4/19/12 6:00am 4/19/12 6:00am

Michael Shannon reveals a line of dialogue from Man of Steel. Plus…

Director Timur Bekmambetov and star Benjamin Walker discuss Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Vin Diesel releases two more Riddick photos. A Breaking Bad actor joins J.J. Abrams's latest pilot Revolution. Plus the latest news on Awake and Once upon a Time! » 2/28/12 6:00am 2/28/12 6:00am

Has Steven Moffat cryptically revealed the next Doctor Who companion?

It looks as though Doctor Who could be signing up a new companion next fall. Executive producer Steven Moffat may just have pointed us towards her - and it's someone we've seen before on the show! » 1/16/12 6:00am 1/16/12 6:00am