Cabin Fever Gets A Complete Reboot Because We're Out Of Ideas

Eli Roth's very fun horror movie Cabin Fever was released in theaters just 11 years ago. And now it's getting a full reboot. Because there are no more ideas left. » 4/22/14 12:27pm 4/22/14 12:27pm

There are two Cabin Fever origins movies filming this year!

The disgusting flesh-eating horror movie that put director Eli Roth on the map, Cabin Fever, is getting not one, but TWO prequel movies. One of them, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, has finally scored a director. There's only one question: Will there be pancakes? » 2/15/12 4:05pm 2/15/12 4:05pm

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Cabin Fever 2 Picks Up Right Where It Left Off, At Prom

The trailer for Cabin Fever's sequel is finally out, which means we'll all know what happened with the fancy bottled water factory that was shipping out the flesh eating disease to the rest of the world. » 12/10/09 10:00am 12/10/09 10:00am