Dear Mr Watterson is a love letter to Calvin & Hobbes

Nobody dislikes the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes. This is the premise of the documentary Looking for Mr. Watterson, and one I can personally attest to — I have never met a single person who didn't enjoy the wonderful art, the humor, the philosophy and/or the strip's creativity. I only know people who haven't read … »11/15/13 12:00pm11/15/13 12:00pm


Behold, Calvin and Hobbes All Grown Up — and Fighting an Evil Winnie The Pooh

Ever wonder what Calvin and Hobbes would look like as adults? One particularly inspired vision pits Christopher Robin and his friendly bear against our favorite comic-strip characters, in an eternal battle between good and evil. Take a look at the evil Dr. Christopher Robin and his nefarious Pooh creature, versus the… »12/28/11 11:30am12/28/11 11:30am

Sweet Calvin & Hobbes tribute recreates Calvin's deranged snowman torture

For many of us, the Calvin and Hobbes newspaper strip was a gateway drug to comics and fantasy pop culture in general. And there was nothing greater than all of Calvin's twisted snowman torture scenes. This video Christmas card plays homage to each of Calvin's snowpocalypses. Do you remember them all? »12/16/11 8:00pm12/16/11 8:00pm