Toxic oceans created the greatest explosion in biodiversity Earth has…

About 600 million years ago, life on Earth was pretty much just a homogeneous bunch of simple, soft-bodied species. But in an evolutionary blink of an eye, that all changed. A longstanding geological mystery could explain why our distant ancestors suddenly developed skeletons. » 4/19/12 12:46pm 4/19/12 12:46pm

World's oldest fossil animals discovered in Australia

Researchers have discovered 650-to-640 million-year-old sponge fossils at Australia's Flinders Ranges. These fossils predate the oldest known animal fossils by 90 million years and antecede the blossoming of life during the Cambrian Explosion ~524 million years ago. » 8/17/10 11:54am 8/17/10 11:54am

The Weird Surfaces Of Undersea Life, In Crochet And Plastic Trash

Weirdest science art we've seen lately: artists working with the Institute for Figuring have recreated the hyperbolic surfaces of undersea reefs using the plastic garbage that is helping to kill them — plus a lot of crocheting as well. Artworks include "The Ladies' Silurian Atoll" and "Cambrian Explosion Reef." » 5/26/09 1:00pm 5/26/09 1:00pm