Rare Spectacled Bear Takes An Interest in the Camera Trap That's Filming It, With Adorable Results

The spectacled bear is the real-life inspiration for Paddington Bear, but as we see here, the spectacled bear is capable of making a great live-action movie of its own. Enjoy a fun few seconds of a bear checking out the camera that’s been sent to unobtrusively spy on it. »9/23/15 7:00pm9/23/15 7:00pm


Three Adorable, Endangered Tiger Cubs Born at the London Zoo

ZSL London Zoo is now home to three cubs belonging to one of the world's rarest big cat species. There are only some 300 Sumatran tigers (Panthera tigris sumatrae) still living in the wild. They're classified by the IUCN Red List as "Critically Endangered," because they suffer from habitat loss, territory… »3/13/14 8:47pm3/13/14 8:47pm