During World War I, fake trees for snipers would pop up overnight

The "O.P. Tree" was an Observation Post Tree deployed during World War I. Its "goal," as author Hanna Rose Shell explains in Hide and Seek, her newly published history of the relationship between camouflage and photography, "was to craft a mimetic representation of a tree-and not just any tree, but a particular tree… »6/07/12 9:25am6/07/12 9:25am

3D crystals camouflage the Diamond Weevil with their super shine

This iridescent insect is Entimus imperialis, Brazil's diamond weevil, and scientists have now discovered that it's because of three dimensional photonic crystals that it has this incredible color. As you can see from the photograph above, and other photographs of the critter, it's marked by a black shell with… »3/03/12 3:30pm3/03/12 3:30pm