Teeth reveal that Canadian dinosaurs knew how to share

Dinosaur teeth have been studied many times already. Scratches and pits on the surface of herbivore teeth provide clues to how they fed, and what types of plants they fed on. But many of these studies look at only a few teeth, or only a few specimens. Not so with this study. » 6/16/14 8:07am 6/16/14 8:07am

Touch the sky and grieve with a sentient spaceship, in new Canadian…

"The ship stood inside itself and looked out through blue fabricated eyes." It's one of my favorite short-story openings in ages. Damon Shaw's "A Little Thing" is just one of two new stories up at Canada's science fiction magazine, AE. » 11/01/10 1:08pm 11/01/10 1:08pm

Hitherto Unseen "Inside Mouth Cam" in Decoys 2

Decoys 2: The Second Seduction is a B-movie about sexy alien invaders who want nothing more than our precious homo sapiens DNA. Packed with great Canadian humor (yes, Canadians definitely have their own brand of humor), the movie follows a group of dorky college guys who are being stalked by blonds who want to… » 10/18/07 1:31pm 10/18/07 1:31pm