One of the Most Stunning Mars Videos You've Ever Seen

Have you ever dreamed about flying high above an alien planet? European Space Agency has just presented this hypnotic video, which gives us a look from the viewpoint of the ESA's imaging and mapping satellite, the Mars Express, when it flies above our planetary neighbour's largest canyon, the largest in the entire… » 7/18/13 4:12pm 7/18/13 4:12pm

Biggest Crater in the Solar System Found on Mars

For a small planet, Mars sure knows how to go big. It's about half as large as Earth, but it's got the hugest volcano in the solar system in the Arizona-sized Olympus Mons and the grandest of all canyons in the 7 kilometer-deep Vallis Marineris. Now it can add its coolest, most-braggable title: the Biggest Impact… » 6/26/08 9:41am 6/26/08 9:41am