The CG Captain Harlock movie still looks completely badass, if you were wondering

A second trailer for Toei's phenomenal-looking Space Pirate Captain Harlock movie has arrived, and man, I cannot wait until this movie arrives in Japanese theaters this fall so someone can license the damn thing and bring it to America. Hey, if loving a spaceship with a giant skull on the front ramming into another… »4/04/13 10:00am4/04/13 10:00am

Captain Harlock's new trailer reminds us why he's the baddest BAMF in space

Star Trek who? Episode what? It turns out that the only sci fi flick we really need to be looking forward to is Toei's CG movie remake of the classic anime Space Pirate Captain Harlock, which just had its first English language trailer released. Sure, Harlock doesn't have the budget of those big American movies —… »1/31/13 12:20pm1/31/13 12:20pm