The new Torchwood reboot gets a title (and a plot synopsis from…

After yesterday's news about Torchwood's new writing team, we've now learned that Starz's ten-episode Torchwood reboot will be titled Torchwood: The New World. Also, Russell T. Davies himself dropped some hints about the series' plot. UPDATE 8/7/10: More details below. » 8/07/10 12:47pm 8/07/10 12:47pm

Torchwood Shocks Our Nipples With Sudden Greatness

Wow. The latest Torchwood episode was amazing, and not just for this chloroforming, nipple zapping scene. If only "Fragments" had aired during season one, preferably as the second or third episode. It would have made the BBC's Doctor Who spinoff seem like a much cooler show, and might actually have improved the other… » 3/24/08 4:30pm 3/24/08 4:30pm

Torchwood Does The Kissy-Fighty Dance

This clip shows everything that's great — and everything that's awful — about Torchwood, the naughtiest Doctor Who spinoff. First it serves up outlandish sexual innuendo mixed liberally with alien creepiness. And then it suddenly veers into drama and jealous bickering, which is really just the grotty barnacle-covered… » 1/17/08 6:20am 1/17/08 6:20am

James "Spike" Marsters Double Fists It For Torchwood

The trailer for Torchwood Season Two is out today, and it features new cast member James Marsters flashing his physique, wearing a skin-tight shirt, sporting hair gel, and bringing two-gun action to the table as he tries to out-grin John Barrowman, who might just have the biggest mouth in the entire science fiction… » 12/20/07 7:00am 12/20/07 7:00am