Kirk travels back in time to save the Oscars—and just won't leave

William Shatner invaded Seth MacFarlane's opening Oscars sketch to add a science fiction plot line to the Academy Awards. Captain James T. Kirk (suspiciously wearing his admiral's uniform and sounding less like Shatner doing Kirk than Shatner doing grumpy Shatner) traveled back in time to prevent MacFarlane from… »2/24/13 9:04pm2/24/13 9:04pm

A funny, insightful, and strangely moving collection of essays about Captain Kirk

Over at our favorite pop culture journal Hilobrow, there is a recently-completed collection of fascinating short essays called "Kirk Your Enthusiasm." Each essay focuses on one memorable scene featuring Captain Kirk, whether in the original series, the animated series, or the films (including an essay by yours truly… »8/31/12 2:50pm8/31/12 2:50pm

Cosplay on acid — the weirdly redundant art of dimestore scifi costumes

Vintage department store costumes followed a strangely predictable formula: soulless plastic mask + psychedelic torso art with the character's face again (for absolutely no reason). Here are some of your favorite scifi characters looking like narcissistic lunatics. First off, we have the Alien. It's like he was his… »8/18/10 5:55pm8/18/10 5:55pm

The 7 Types Of Bad Bosses According To Star Trek (And How To Survive Them)

They yell at you and fire you twice a day. They insist that a five-day job should only take five hours. They flip-flop and then blame you for their mistakes. Star Trek's captains model all kinds of bad boss behavior, but luckily they also show us what to do with a boss who's out of touch with reality. »5/20/08 8:00pm5/20/08 8:00pm

Back, Back, Back To Life With The Best of the Worst Scifi Resurrections

Anyone who reads comic books knows that no one is ever really dead. Every character from Superman to Green Lantern has returned to life from the whereverafter they went to when sales figures dropped. Plus every zombie movie ever made brings your loved one back from the beyond, although they are never quite the same.… »2/22/08 4:00pm2/22/08 4:00pm