Books You Just Want to Savor

I'm sure we've all been there. There are just some books that you want to savor, sipping them, because you don't want them to end. On the flip side, I've devoured books like a good meal in one sitting. Both types of books (when they are good) can leave you with an empty, sad feeling because they are over. Wanting more. » 8/16/14 7:22pm 8/16/14 7:22pm

Major scoops for Avengers, Terminator 5, Dr Strange and Game of Thrones

Could Marvel make a Captain Marvel movie instead of a solo Black Widow film? Rachel McAdams leaves Passengers. Terminator: Genesis casts a major supporting charater. Peter Dinklage discusses Tyrion in Game of Thrones season 4. Plus, Kevin Feige explains magic in Doctor Strange and a building-sized Captain America » 3/17/14 6:00am 3/17/14 6:00am

Why do comics always use the same old mythologies?

Full non-Postman disclosure: Because of a delayed flight, a three-hour midnight drive across my home state, a hotel room fire alarm choosing 4:00 am to start warning of its low battery and the subsequent 20-minute disappearance of the front desk staff, I'm running on three hours of sleep. If I sound incoherent or… » 3/12/14 8:20am 3/12/14 8:20am

It’s demon and witch versus werewolf mob boss in This Week’s Comics

Is True Blood too... slow-paced for you? Then you should probably pick up Dark Horse’s new series Kiss Me Satan, in which a variety of monsters hunt down a witch and her demon bodyguard for a New Orleans mob boss who happens to be a werewolf. But there’s more monsters, melancholy and madness in this week’s comic… » 9/17/13 3:20pm 9/17/13 3:20pm

Will toy companies keep us from ever getting a superheroine movie?

Welcome to Postal Apocalypse, the only mail column on the internet written by a fake mailman from the future (that I know of)! Today we're discussing how toys affect movies — or prevent them, why DC seems determined to piss off everybody, and the best songs to sing around your apocalyptic campfire (besides "Every Rose… » 9/11/13 8:30am 9/11/13 8:30am

Let the Captain Marvel movie-starring-Katee Sackhoff rumors begin

Marvel Studios producer Louis D’Esposito recently mentioned the idea of doing a Captain Marvel movie. Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff recently revealed she's in talks with Disney/Marvel for... something. Is this the first inkling that we're getting a Katee Sackhoff-led Captain Marvel flick? God I hope so. » 9/06/13 9:20am 9/06/13 9:20am

The Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel/Shazam Clusterf*ck Explained

As a fake mailman living in the future, sometimes it’s funny to me what you people in 2013 freak out about. Ben Affleck as Batman? He actually ends up being okay. Not great, but definitely better than Kilmer or Clooney. But man, you guys are going to completely lose your shit in 20 years when Kim and Kanye’s kid North… » 9/04/13 8:15am 9/04/13 8:15am

Why Marvel Needs to Make a Captain Marvel Movie Like, Yesterday

Now that Marvel has firmly established its cinematic universe and the triumph of the superhero genre, it’s time to think about what’s next — and I don’t mean Cinematic Phase 2. There’s a dearth of female superheroes in movies right now, one that Marvel can and should correct with one character in particular: Captain… » 7/02/13 12:07pm 7/02/13 12:07pm

Think Women Don't Love Superheroes? You're nuts.

Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick is taking on Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, for a relaunched comic book. (And this comes at a time when Carol Danvers is rumored to appear in the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, setting up a possible role in Avengers 2.) Over at Hero Complex, there's a great interview with DeConnick,… » 8/17/12 3:30pm 8/17/12 3:30pm

In 1977, Captain Marvel was going to be assistant director of New…

Back in 1977, Scott Edelman had big plans for Captain Marvel's career as a scientist. Apparently the hero was going to become assistant director of New York's famed Hayden Planetarium, which is currently under the directorship of real-life science hero Neil deGrasse Tyson. For some reason, however, by the time the… » 7/23/12 7:30am 7/23/12 7:30am

This Wednesday, a new (and old) Captain Marvel hits comic shops

It's the week after Comic-Con, so the Gods of the Longbox are seemingly taking a break this week. In terms of new series, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Dexter Soy kick off a new Captain Marvel series (below) today — "Carol Danvers has a new name, a new mission, and all the power she needs to make her life a living hell" —… » 7/17/12 1:05pm 7/17/12 1:05pm