Saturday Morning Cartoons - Clone Wars returns & Jean Grey vs. Dark Phoenix on Marvel Anime: X-Men!

Our weekly cartoons are slowly making their way back from holiday hiatus, with Star Wars: The Clone Wars returning with a new episode. Marvel Anime: X-Men races to its finale, bringing us one of the best episodes of the series, and we toss in a retro nod to Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future too. Minor… »1/07/12 10:00am1/07/12 10:00am


Captain Power Is A Sweeping Post-Apocalyptic Epic For Our Times

Somebody in Hollywood has their priorities seriously messed up. All weekend at Comic-Con, I was hearing about Tr2n »7/28/08 10:55pm7/28/08 10:55pm, , , and even a sequel to . But where was the talk of a big-screen movie of , that classic post-apocalyptic TV show? Where? What kind of a world is this! Just check out this awesome battle between a human…