Fan-Made Batmobile is Ready for the Gotham Streets

When Batman Begins » 10/24/08 2:00pm 10/24/08 2:00pm introduced the movie-going world to the Tumbler Batmobile, many an auto aficionado lusted after Batman’s ride. One fan, though, decided lusting wasn’t enough, and has been building his very own working Batmobile, complete with a V8 engine and Batcessories, in his garage. More pictures after the…

Knight Rider Smashes Our Childhood Memories Without Turbo Boost

NBC aired its Knight Rider TV movie last night. It was a two-hour long Ford commercial disguised as entertainment, padded with lesbians, threesomes, bad acting, questionable technology, and meta-commercials. Whether it was nostalgia beckoning viewers to watch, or leftover Transformers lust, this TV "event" about an… » 2/18/08 8:50am 2/18/08 8:50am