The Crystal Gems Are Cuter Than Ever in Funko's Amazing Steven Universe Toys

We’ve known for a while that the delightful Steven Universe would be getting some long-awaited merchandise, and now we have our first look at it: four glorious little Pop! Vinyls from Funko. They’re so adorable, we just want to shove as many of them into our Cheeseburger Backpacks as possible. »Yesterday 11:30am11/24/15 11:30am


The Exact Moment When Justice League Unlimited Delivered the Perfect Animated Batman Story

After writing about Justice League Unlimited last week, my thoughts kept coming back to one episode in particular: “Epilogue.” It’s a story that managed to tie together so many years of Batman in such a perfect manner, it was almost the last-ever episode of the DC animated universe—and it truly understood what makes… »11/17/15 1:15pm11/17/15 1:15pm

Why Justice League Unlimited Was, and Still Is, the Best Superhero TV Show

We live in a golden age of superhero television. Hits like The Flash, Agent Carter, Arrow, and Agents of SHIELD dominate our TV screens. We champion them for their ability to bring some of the most mind-melting comic book sagas to TV—but one show did it all before them, nearly a decade ago: Justice League Unlimited. »11/13/15 3:20pm11/13/15 3:20pm

This Week's Guardians of the Galaxy Made Everyone An Idiot, And It Was Heartbreaking 

The Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon took a brief hiatus before making it’s return this weekend, and I’m glad it did. It made me have at least an extra week of thinking this show had really turned a corner. Then “The Backstabbers” happened, and at least it had an appropriate title for how I felt? »11/10/15 5:00pm11/10/15 5:00pm

The U.S. Congress Helped Make One Simpsons Halloween Special As Violent As Possible

Treehouse of Horror V isn’t just one of the best Simpsons Halloween episodes—it’s one of the best episodes of the entire show. But, even for Halloween, it was a surprisingly blood-laden and gory episode for the cartoon. Why? It turns out it was because of complaints from Congress. »10/29/15 1:07pm10/29/15 1:07pm

This Interview With Jem and the Holograms Co-Creator Christy Marx Is Amazing And You Must Watch It

When Christy Marx was a little girl, she took her Batman comics and gave Robin a girl’s hairdo and a little skirt, because she was tired of not having female heroes to look up to. Then she grew up and gave us Jem and the Holograms. This interview with her by The Front is incredible and fascinating. »10/23/15 3:20pm10/23/15 3:20pm

Jem and the Holograms Fails in a Way That I've Never Seen a Movie Fail Before

Young people, right? They like young-people shit, like YouTube videos, Instagram selfies and crazy hair. If you hate young people but want to pander to them for some reason—like, if you have loathsome, foul-smelling stepchildren—you can always take them to see Jem and the Holograms. »10/23/15 11:00am10/23/15 11:00am

Guardians of the Galaxy Is Beginning to Maybe Consider Being a Decent TV Show

That headline might sound like it’s being awfully snarky—and it kind of is—but at the same time, this week Guardians of the Galaxy actually took the first baby steps from being a lukewarm repeat of a fantastic film to being a breezy, fun sci-fi cartoon. All it took was finding a little heart to do so! »10/20/15 11:00am10/20/15 11:00am

The Guardians of the Galaxy Cartoon Still Doesn't Know What To Do With Its Most Underused Characters

In the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, James Gunn did a pretty spectacular job of fleshing out the five heroes of the team in relatively equal manner. But so far, the animated series is struggling a little more in this regard—when it gets it right, it’s every bit as fun as the movie. When it gets it wrong though, it… »10/12/15 5:00pm10/12/15 5:00pm

On Steven Universe, Giant Robots Are Only Second To The Power Of Friendship

Steven Universe is a show about a lot of things: love, accepting people for who they are, the power of friendship and kindness. Sometimes, it explores those concepts like any other show would. Sometimes, it explores them through giant robots. This makes Steven Universe the best show on Television. »10/09/15 9:30am10/09/15 9:30am

All It Takes Is a Little Rain to Get Steven Universe on Track

Last week’s episode of Steven Universe delivered on two of the show’s greatest strengths: its adorable humor, and a keen eye for character development. Not only does this week give us the heart-cloggingly sweet joy of Peridot and Steven on an adventure together, it delivers the show’s third strength: actual plot… »10/02/15 12:00pm10/02/15 12:00pm

Amanda Waller Runs Super Hero High School in the First Look at DC Super Hero Girls

Earlier this year, DC unveiled its new female-focused super hero lineup aimed at getting young girls into the world of DC Comics: DC Super Hero Girls. Now the company has kicked off the initiative with a new animated short—hold the phone. Is that Gorilla Grodd wearing a jacket and bow tie? »10/01/15 12:30pm10/01/15 12:30pm

Steven Universe Just Turned One of Its Villains Into Its Most Lovable Character

Steven Universe is a show jampacked with so many good characters that your favorite one probably changes from week to week. But while last night’s episode did a lot of fantastic stuff, its greatest success was taking Peridot, the closest the show currently has to a recurring villain, and making her the star. »9/25/15 12:00pm9/25/15 12:00pm

Steven Universe Is Quickly Becoming A Show About Flawed Mothers

In a way, Steven Universe has always been about the struggle of motherhood—a main character born out of an absent mother, raised by surrogates with their own problems. But since its return, the show is seemingly laser-focused on Moms... although “Sadie’s Song” doesn’t quite the same high notes as last week’s episode. »9/18/15 2:05pm9/18/15 2:05pm

On Steven Universe, Lying to Your Mother is its Own Battle

Steven Universe made a triumphant return last night, back on a normal weekly format after recent scattered, concentrated releases of episodes. Despite the change in schedule, in “Nightmare Hospital” the show is still doing what it does best: defying expectations and being one of the most emotionally smart cartoons on… »9/11/15 12:30pm9/11/15 12:30pm