Meanwhile in the Future: What Happens When All Airplanes Are Grounded

Need to get from New York to Paris? Or San Diego? Chances are, you’re hopping on a plane. But commercial flights aren’t just annoying and expensive they also input a ton of carbon into the environment, contributing to climate change. So what if we stopped flights to save the planet? What would happen next? » 7/14/15 4:46pm 7/14/15 4:46pm

New evidence that economic collapse and ecological collapse go…

Global fossil fuel emissions skyrocketed last year to the highest levels ever recorded, undermining the widespread belief that the global financial crisis would cut carbon emissions. Though there was a brief, two-year decline in emissions, a new scientific report published this week offers compelling evidence that… » 12/05/11 8:53am 12/05/11 8:53am

Crispy Noodles Fuel Next-Gen Hydrogen Cars

Crispy noodles are the missing link between today's carbon-emitting cars and tomorrow's clean hydrogen cars. It turns out that the structure of crispy noodles — rigid, twisty, and porous — perfectly matches that of a new polymer developed to trap and reuse hydrogen atoms in new "green" cars. University of Manchester… » 5/06/08 1:15pm 5/06/08 1:15pm