Meanwhile in the Future: What Happens When All Airplanes Are Grounded

Need to get from New York to Paris? Or San Diego? Chances are, you’re hopping on a plane. But commercial flights aren’t just annoying and expensive they also input a ton of carbon into the environment, contributing to climate change. So what if we stopped flights to save the planet? What would happen next? »7/14/15 4:46pm7/14/15 4:46pm


New evidence that economic collapse and ecological collapse go hand-in-hand

Global fossil fuel emissions skyrocketed last year to the highest levels ever recorded, undermining the widespread belief that the global financial crisis would cut carbon emissions. Though there was a brief, two-year decline in emissions, a new scientific report published this week offers compelling evidence that… »12/05/11 11:53am12/05/11 11:53am