“My Cardboard Life” takes you inside the secret world of paper people

Cardboard and paper are more than just the medium for the My Cardboard Life. The webcomic imagines that its characters are actually beings of cardboard and paper – with all the powers, limitations, and silly jokes that go with it. » 6/04/11 7:00am 6/04/11 7:00am

Eight Tons of Cardboard Molded Into an Imaginary Landscape

Though this looks like some kind of insane mushroom growth, it's actually special, die-cut cardboard strips put together by the Ball-Nogues Studio for an installation at Rice University. The artists created a digital mockup of the shapes they wanted, ordered 20,000 strips of cardboard cut to the perfect prefab sizes,… » 3/12/08 7:00am 3/12/08 7:00am