This is one of the weirdest medical cases we've read about in a long time

Picture this: a mountain of a man — over seven feet tall, by the looks of it — stands in the ambulance bay entrance of a hospital. Clutched in his hands are the feet of a small woman who is dangling, fully conscious, with her head pointed straight at the floor. She appears to be entirely okay with the situation. A… »8/27/12 4:43pm8/27/12 4:43pm

Incredible medical breakthrough allows doctors to inject oxygen into the bloodstreams of people who can't breathe

In a monumental breakthrough with far ranging implications, cardiologists at the Children's Hospital Boston in Massachusetts have kept suffocating rabbits alive for 15 minutes with injections of oxygen-filled microparticles. The groundbreaking procedure could conceivably prevent millions of deaths each year caused by… »6/28/12 9:55am6/28/12 9:55am

Your own heart could provide the stem cells to fix itself

How's this for cool? Cells harvested from your heart could provide the necessary mechanism to repair itself after a heart attack. A new technique called CADUCEUS (CArdiosphere-Derived aUtologous stem CElls to reverse ventricUlar dySfunction) (which, as an aside, is the most grasping attempt at an acronym outside of a… »2/18/12 12:00pm2/18/12 12:00pm

Man has heart attack while eating at The Heart Attack Grill

If you weigh over 350 pounds, you can eat at the Heart Attack Grill for free (according to the Las Vegas eatery's slogan). But if you should keel over, gripping your chest in agony, while scarfing down a triple bypass burger (that's what the monstrosity pictured up top is called), don't expect any of the scantily clad »2/16/12 5:10pm2/16/12 5:10pm