The Woman Who Shot Elephants for America's Natural History Museums

Delia Akeley is probably best remembered as a "wife-of," having spent two decades married to famed taxidermist and conservationist Carl Akeley. But Delia was a fascinating adventurer in her own right, an early primatologist, anthropologist studying the pygmy peoples of Belgian Congo, and skilled museum-backed… » 11/17/13 10:00am 11/17/13 10:00am

Ten Bizarre Tales of Taxidermy

Taxidermy is a skill and art form that many think is plenty weird all on its own, even though it was practiced by luminaries like Charles Darwin and Theodore Roosevelt. It stretches from the lows of PT Barnum's Feejee Mermaid to the highs of the myriad museums of natural history to the macabre artistry of rogue… » 3/10/13 7:00am 3/10/13 7:00am

The Remarkably Detailed Art of Taxidermy

The Hall of North American Mammals is one of the American Museum of Natural History's most iconic exhibits, thanks to its stunningly presented animal models. In this brief but informative video, senior museum artist Stephen C. Quinn describes some of the lesser-known methods that taxidermists use in preparing these… » 9/25/12 5:00pm 9/25/12 5:00pm