Zack Snyder explains the point of "Sucker Punch"

Sucker Punch goes inside an imprisoned woman's mind for a dark, surreal fantasy adventure. We asked the cast and crew about the fiendishly complex story, the fine line between exploitation and empowerment, and the horrors of steampunk zombie war. » 3/24/11 3:58pm 3/24/11 3:58pm

Spoilers For Watchmen, Dragonball, Lost and CJ7

Has there ever been a show as leaky as Lost? With the new season starting tonight, tons of info has already come out about episodes one and four. And now, there's another incredibly detailed batch of spoilers for episodes one and two. We also have new info about Dragonball and Watchmen, and new pics from Stephen Chow's … » 1/31/08 6:00am 1/31/08 6:00am