This is how you teach an insectoid robot to play Beethoven

For a project at Carnegie Mellon University, high schooler Ashwin Iyengar programmed a Chiara robot to play Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" using its spindly appendages. While the Chiara may not be the most sophisticated ivory pounder, it's nifty to see the myriad computational processes necessary to get this robot to bang… » 8/06/11 8:30am 8/06/11 8:30am

Watch a snake robot worm its way through an obstacle

We've sung the mildly disturbing praises of Carnegie Mellon's robot snakes before, but you have to check out this clip of their robosnake navigating a trap. This is how Cobra Commander is watching you sleep. » 12/11/10 10:30am 12/11/10 10:30am

Carnegie Mellon's robotic snake is the harbinger of a slithering, metal…

It may be just circuits and metal, but this robotic snake from Carnegie Mellon University's Biorobotics Lab will give you flashbacks to the hydrobots from Terminator Salvation. Behold the robot that could someday be used for surgeries and search-and-rescue. » 9/05/10 1:50pm 9/05/10 1:50pm

Your SSN Is Up For Grabs For Thieves With Time On Their Hands

Convinced that your Social Security Number is secret enough to protect you from identity theft? Think again; researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh have proven that they can calculate your SSN from your birth date with worrying ease. » 7/09/09 7:30am 7/09/09 7:30am