This carnivorous plant uses touch-sensitive tentacles to grab far-off prey

Physically active carnivorous plants like the venus fly trap are nothing new to science, but what is new is the discovery of an Australian sundew plant that uses quick motion touch-sensitive tentacles to trap unsuspecting prey. The research indicates that carnivorous plants can cover a larger area, and react much… »9/28/12 4:20pm9/28/12 4:20pm

This carnivorous plant traps and digests its prey underground

When we think of carnivorous plants, we usually think of the clamping maw of the Venus Fly trap, or the rodent-luring pitcher plants — plants that keep their traps safely above ground where we can see them. But the seemingly innocent flowering plants of genus Philcoxia keep their weapons lurking underground, sticky… »7/07/12 7:00pm7/07/12 7:00pm

Meet the fastest, deadliest carnivore in the plant kingdom

The tiny bladderwort plant may not be much to look at - and yeah, its name is beyond silly - but it's the deadliest hunter in the plant kingdom. It can trap prey in less than a millisecond, over a hundred times faster than the Venus fly-trap and with an incredible 600 Gs of force - about twelve times what it would… »2/16/11 4:30pm2/16/11 4:30pm