Don't set aside a weekend to watch the missing Doctor Who episodes yet

For the past couple weeks, the internet has been ablaze with rumors that 90 of the 106 deleted episodes of Doctor Who had been recovered. Sadly, Philip Morris, the man who was rumored to have found the episodes, has denied it outright. » 6/24/13 2:32pm 6/24/13 2:32pm

Doctor Who really does need more female writers

There hasn't been a woman writing for Doctor Who in several years — and you can make a strong argument the BBC's famous time-travel show has suffered as a result. Over at the Guardian, there's a pretty compelling article about the lack of women writing for Who, and why this matters. » 3/27/13 2:13pm 3/27/13 2:13pm

Producer Caroline Skinner explains why Doctor Who is getting a new…

Tomorrow marks the return of the Amy Pond's raggedy man with the Doctor Who Christmas Special, albeit without Amy and her husband Rory. But that doesn't mean he's alone! As we've already seen in the Christmas Special minisode, The Doctor is being shadowed by fan favorites Vastra, Jenny and Strax. But is this the last… » 12/24/12 8:30am 12/24/12 8:30am

Meet the Woman Who's Calling the Shots for Doctor Who and The Fades

Caroline Skinner has become one of the most important people in British television science fiction and fantasy, almost overnight. She produced The Fades, the horror-fantasy series which took Britain by storm, and which hits BBC America this Saturday. And now she's the new executive producer of Doctor Who, replacing… » 1/12/12 1:28pm 1/12/12 1:28pm